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Get your outfit rated by AI instantly, by easily uploading a photo anytime and anywhere you like!

Personalization Matters

Personalization Matters

Your outfits are rated considering your personal style. Besides, you can have personalized suggestions to improve your outfit.

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The Age Of Fitting Rooms Ended

Try on new clothes by using a photo from the latest collection of the most prominent fashion brands.

Have A Virtual Closet

Add your existing clothes to your virtual closet by simply taking a photo.

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No More Bad Mornings

Create perfect outfits instantly using the clothes in your virtual closet. 

Infinite Scrolls No Needed

Keep up with the trends by viewing new creations and styling tips from fashion brands. We also create personalized outfits using brands’ clothes.

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A Game Changer In The Fashion Industry 

RateMe, as a fashion platform, aims to gather users and fashion brands. Using users’ style and preferences, the platform filters fashions brands’ products in order to make it easier for the user to discover new outfits, help them while shopping or pick out their daily outfit. By presenting these features, our goal is to enhance personalized fashion. Besides these features, RateMe, together with our everyday users will create a social media for fashion.


AI Technologies

The most sophisticated AI techniques are used


Free of Charge

Our outfit creator is free for everyone


Instant Features

Do anything on your mobile phone instantly

The Team

Oğuz Atalay

Business Development

Bilkent University EEE and MBA

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Oğuz Kaan Yüksel

ML Engineer


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Gökcan Karakuş

ML Engineer

Caltech PhD and MSc

Dr. Turgut Orçun

ML Engineer


Prof. Dr. Serdar Kozat

Tech Advisor

Bilkent University EEE

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Barhan Özce

Management Advisor

Boğaziçi University EEE

Linkedin Page
Aslı Atalay

Fashion Advisor

Vakko Esmod

All-in-One Fashion Platform



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RateMe Attended Dream BIGG Program

As the first part of the TUBITAK 1512 BIGG program, we attended Bogazici University Technology Transfer Office’s Dream BIGG program and deserved to attend the second stage of TUBITAK 1512…

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