Expectations of Fashion Consumers Survey

Expectations of Fashion Consumers Survey

Increase in industrial production caused a decrease in clothes prices and people have much more clothes in their wardrobe nowadays. People have lots of clothing options which lead an everyday problem “combining clothes”. Besides this, fashion brands produce thousands of different clothes and choosing the perfect cloth for an individual is a pain now. Therefore, in order to analyze consumer issues and expectations, RateMe conducted a survey with people who live in Turkey.

RateMe’s “Expectations of Fashion Consumers” survey is conducted with 300 participants who live in Turkey. In order to involve everyone and analyze the situation from the outer perspective, the age range was between 18-60 and the average age was 29. Also, 61% of participants were women and the rest was men. Although we think that younger generations, X and Y, are interested more in fashion, we also involved older generations in order to develop a product which meets the expectations of everyone.

Q1) What type of clothes do you wear most?

The first question shows us that most of the participants wear casual clothes with 68% while the rest wears business, sport and other with the percentages 10, 20 and 1 respectively. Therefore, it can be said that people mostly suffer while choosing and combining casual clothes.

Q2) When you buy clothes, do you choose the trendy one or the one that suits your likings?

The second question addresses one of the most important issues in the fashion industry, “Personalization”. Nearly all participants answered the second question as “I choose the clothes that suit my likings”. Consumers expect personalization from fashion brands and this issue is a hot topic in the fashion industry. The problem can be solved only on web-based and mobile-based platforms using Artificial Intelligence.

Q3) How often do you suffer from combining clothes?

As we mentioned before, combining clothes became an everyday issue in people’s lives. Our survey shows results that prove this hypothesis. From the chart, it can be seen that 34% of people suffer from combining clothes every day while 25% of people suffer every 2 or 3 days. Surprisingly, 12% of people answered this question as “Never”. However, we believe that most of those people did not realize their needs in this regard yet. If the people who answered this question as “Never” have a chance to use an appropriate solution like RateMe, they will adapt to it as they did for Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Q4) Describe The Intensity of Suffering That Combining Clothes Cause At That Moment

In that question, 0 means “No Suffering” and 10 means “Extreme Suffering”. The results show that the average suffering that combining clothes causes to people between 4 and 5. Considering the results some people may evaluate the problem as pertness. However, this is an everyday problem and this the reality. Especially in the morning, people waste lots of time in order to combine their clothes in their wardrobe. Industrial production caused this situation and it is not pertness. According to surveys, average American women have 103 clothes in their wardrobe. Imagine the suffering when you wake up in the morning and try to choose an outfit from those 103 clothes while you have to catch the bus or subway.

Q5) Where or From Whom Do You Get Help While Combining Clothes?

This question is very important for our company since it represents possible competitors. When we analyze the answers, we see that 53% of people use other people, 6% of people use social media, 40% of people don’t use anything and surprisingly 0% of people use a technological solution for combining clothes. So, it can be said that the biggest competitor of RateMe is “the other people” who are relatives, friends or neighbors. However, you can’t expect those people to know your likings or fashion trends. When you consult those people, you rely on their likings and understanding of fashion. We don’t believe that this is an appropriate solution. People need a solution that considers your likings and knows about current fashion trends. In addition, from the survey results, we can infer that there is no technological solution that satisfies people’s expectations. Through social media, people use fashion accounts’ or bloggers’ ideas or their way of combining clothes. However, even though we assume that they know about current fashion trends, they don’t know anything about people’s likings. On the other hand, it can be said that this question’s answers contradict with the third question’s answers. The third question shows that the majority of people have issues regularly while combining clothes although this question shows that nearly half of them don’t use anything to solve those issues. We believe that the inefficacy of existing solutions for combining clothes may be the reason for this behavior.

Q6) What Should Be The Attributions of Outside Ideas?

Assessment of the answers to this question represents that consumers value personalization in fashion. Above 40% of people expects the outside idea to know their likings. In addition, nearly 40% of people expect instant ideas and 15% of people expect the outside idea to know current fashion trends. Actually, this result represents the idea that “fashion is personal” and there should be a technological solution approaches the problem considering this idea. As we mentioned before, when you get the outside idea from the other people, you don’t expect them to know your likings and the situation is the same in social media. Beside this, every moment is important in our modern world. People want fast solutions while reaching them instantly. This situation also is reflected in our survey.

Q7) What Would You Change Considering Outside Ideas?

The last question of our survey represents the effect of outside ideas on consumers. Above 60% of people answered as “I would change my outfit” while nearly 10% answered as “I would change my style” and 30% answered as “I would not change anything”. However, even though they believe that outside ideas are not important in their style, we believe that occasionally they consult other people unwittingly. Apart from fashion, everyone needs approval on their acts and we do most of the things in order to be approved by society including fashion. Therefore, an opinion or approval from RateMe would be important for the people in the future.

RateMe As A Game Changer

Considering the expectations of fashion consumers, it can be said that RateMe will be the game changer in the fashion industry. Since the app can learn users likings, combine clothes whenever and wherever they want and give personalized cloth suggestions, it will end the fashion struggle occurs in everyday life. By the help of the app, users can easily do shopping, combine clothes and improve their style. The app will be released soon. Thank you for your patience. Please reach us for any suggestions and subscribe to our newsletter.